I'm Coming Home

I'm Coming Home Type: Full CD
Uitgever: Action Music
Uitgegeven in: 2004

1.   (It looks like) I'll never fall in love again
2.   To Wait For Love (Is To Waste Your Life Away)
3.   Can't Stop Loving You
4.   Once There Was A Time (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
5.   Untrue
6.   Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
7.   To Make A Big Man Cry
8.   (won't You Give Him) One More Chance (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
9.   He'll Have to Go
10.   Some Other Guy (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
11.   Field Of Yellow Daisies
12.   I Wake Up Crying
13.   Autumn Leaves
14.   Funny familiar forgotten feelings
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