Blink 182

Dude Ranch

Dude Ranch
1.   Pathetic
2.   Voyeur
3.   Dammit
4.   Boring
5.   Dick Lips
6.   Waggy
7.   Enthused
8.   Untitled
9.   Apple Shampoo
10.   Emo
11.   Josie
12.   A New Hope
13.   Degenerate
14.   Lemmings
15.   I'm Sorry
Type: Full CD
Uitgever: Cargo / Uni
Uitgegeven in: 1997

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CommonCrawl [Bot]
vr 23 dec, 2005 6:10 pm
This album is personally my fave. The best song on there i'd say is probly Dammit it is a great song and if you like it then check out the tabs on this website because it's quite an easy song to learn. Other songs are stuff like waggy & a new hope it also has funny speeches at the end of some song E.g Mark (Bass Player)having a wee and making his dog drink it!

This is a great album and you must buy it (immediatly.)

By Billy Seed
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