Good Enough: The Very Best Of Dodgy

Good Enough: The Very Best Of Dodgy
1.   Good Enough
2.   Staying Out For The Summer
3.   In A Room
4.   If Youre Thinking Of Me
5.   So Let Me Go Far
6.   Melodies Haunt You
7.   Making The Most Of...
8.   Found You
9.   Water Under The Bridge
10.   Lovebirds
11.   I Need Another
12.   Every Single Day (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
13.   All The Time In The World (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
14.   What Became Of You
15.   Only A Heartbeat (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
16.   Grand Old English Oak Tree
17.   Homegrown
18.   The Snake
19.   Good Enough (BBC Session) (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
Type: Compilatie
Uitgever: Spectrum Music
Uitgegeven in: 2013

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