Freestyle session @ Villa 65 (31 Mei 1996)

Whatup what – rappers are in danger like KRS-One
I look at the clock it’s five minutes to one
so whatcha gonna do bring it on any time of the day
‘cause I spray my mind like Jeru the Damaja
I’m not a muthafuckin’ amateur
yo I’ll leave cryin’ for ya best friends when I’m rammin’down ya throat
my lyricism’s off the top it’s all realism like the A to the Z
I got more letters than in the alphabet ‘cause I create my own shit
I see the cigarettes layin’ in front of me
in the place to be keep it real and old-skool like that because
these are the breaks on Villa muthafuckin’ 65 whatcha gonna do?
you’re tryin’ to diss me?
this is Brainpower when I get pissed, see
I feel the breathin’ of my man up in heaven shout-out to Krayzerious
I got mad delirious like the crew you just heard I get More Serious
so whatcha gonna do when you be Kurious like Jorge
and of course I got the mad party type stuff in the dome
and this is how I do it and you know I’m not alone
I got the man Too Tall in place the case is still Mental
yo flip some rhymes over these instrumentals

Brainpower – Tekst & Uitleg


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