Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer
Makin' Whoopee

Voor het eerst gezongen door Eddie Cantor in de 1928 musical Whoopee!. Daarna hebben vele artiesten het nummer in hun repertoire opgenomen.

Another pride
Another tune
Another sunny honeymoon
Another season
Another reason
For making whoopee

A lot of shoes
A lot of rice
The groom is nervous, he answers twice
It's really killing
That he's so willing
To make whoopee


Picture a little love nest
Down where the roses cling
Picture that same sweet love nest
Think what a year can bring

He's washing dishes and baby clothes
He's so ambitious, he even sews
But don't forget folks
That's what you get folks
For making whoopee

Another year or maybe less
What's this I hear
Oh, can't you guess
She feels neglected
And he's suspected
Of making whoopee

Oh, she sits at home, most every night
He doesn't phone, he doesn't write
He says he's busy
And she says "Is he? "
He's making whoopee


He doesn't make much money
Only five thousand pounds
Some judge, he thinks he's funny
Says he will give six to her
And he says "Judge, what if I fail?"
The judge says, "Bud, straight into jail
You better keep her, I think it's cheaper
Than making whoopee"


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Auteur: Gus Kahn
Componist: Walter Donaldson
Uitgever: Liberator Music
Uitgegeven in: 2011
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under (2011)


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