I don’t go off that easy
but when I’m touched, I’m into deep
I never learned how to leave
I’ll never earn what I keep

we’re never satisfied
but tonight we go with the tide

I saw you standing by the pier
I wasn’t sure to expect you here
I’ll be your tongue-tied friend
shake hands with the ferryman

we’re never satisfied
but tonight we go with the tide
we go slow and sure
throw the stones overboard
weigh the anchor, drain the doubt
hell bound, hell bound is where I’m going to

we can’t fight shy of god
soon enough destiny chooses us
we’re fish on dry with too much time
with only one life to make it across
don’t say I’m backing down
‘cause you know damn’ well I want to make it count

you got to shut one door
before another one opens up
blood runs when the time comes
I’m gonna stick to my guns


Toegevoegd door walter op wo 29 maart, 2006 3:39 pm

Auteur: Helder Deploige
Componist: Helder Deploige
Uitgever: Jarko Records & Booking
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Taal: Engels


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