I saw the august stars
go swimming in the park
and children give the dark
the time to be a part

forgot to be aware
to forget what keeps me there
as lovers come to share
I lost the need to care

I don’t know
why summer goes
silent though
you don’t know

the water ever waits
the water’s never late
I hear the water say
don’t be afraid

it doesn’t matter how long the road
it doesn’t matter how far you go
at the end it’s still you, you know
it is still you, you know

the past possesses everything I know
the past confesses everything I don’t
undresses everything

nostalgia becomes a drug
you feel just like getting out of luck
ran over by a truck
treated like a little fuck


Toegevoegd door walter op wo 29 maart, 2006 3:37 pm

Auteur: Helder Deploige
Componist: Helder Deploige
Uitgever: Jarko Records & Booking
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Taal: Engels


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