Stephen Gately

Stephen Gately
Coming back

When you do that thing you do
You feel me with desire
Maybe it's because of you
I can't get no higher
You may not be right for me
But i don't give a damn cause
What I feel is exact
That's all I need

I don't care about what people say
I keep coming back,coming back
Coming back for more
I'm still up for one more round
Let's play

I get so high,high
And though you lie,lie
I just don't mind,mind
Coming back for more
My friends they say,say
You gotta get way,away
You know the next day
I'll be back for more

Baby you're enough for me
I don't need no other
And all the time I'm not with you
Babe,I miss the fire
Some may think it's scandalous
Some may say it's crazy
They can't see what's going on
Between you and me

I have never felt like this before
I keep coming back,coming back
Coming back for more
Tell me what I am to do
I need more and more


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