Degrassi Junior High Theme/ Degrassi High Theme

Degrassi Junior High Theme:

Wake up in the morning
Feeling shy and lonely
Gee, I gotta go to school
I don't think I can make it
Don't think I can take it
I wonder what I'm gonna do!

But when I look around, I see
That someone's smiling, right at me
Wait! That someone’s talking to me
Hey, I got a new friend

Everybody can succeed
All you need is to believe
And be honest with yourself
Forget your fears and doubts
Come on give us a try
At Degrassi Junior High!

Degrassi High Theme:

Wake up in the morning
Gotta shake the feeling
I gotta face a day of school
What's to be afraid of?
I can ask a question
Or maybe even bend the rules

I'm searching for a place where I'll fit in
There's a way, if I look, then I can win
Yeah, I can see I'm not alone
I can face the unknown

Everybody can succeed
In yourself, you must believe
Give it a try
At Degrassi High


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