Dolly Dots

Dolly Dots
Only The Rain

First you gave me love
Y'set my heart on fire
Couldn't get enough
Man, you took me higher
Walking in the sun
Feeling like I can't slow down

Now I'm standing in the dark
Looking at the rain fall
Feelings set at hot
Still I hear your voice call
Do I hear my name
Echoing through the night?
(Through the night)

Allright I've had my share
Feels like you just don't care!

Only the rain can save me
It's all I have tonight
Only the rain can save me
Wash away the tears I cried

Now that we're apart
I'm dancing with my shadow
I just play my part
And I have to play it solo
Like a lost and found
I don't know where to run and hide

Hey, you all have your friends
People you can talk to
I just sit and wait
Nothing that I can do
But I'm gonna fight
Gonna be back for more

I won't give up, give in
I'm going to play and win


Then there came stormy weather into my life
I'm changing it for the better
Fighting for my feelings to come alive


I won't give up, give in
I'm going to play and win



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Auteur: ?
Componist: Jochem Fluitsma & Eric Van Tijn
Uitgever: Ariola BMG
Uitgegeven in: 1985
Taal: Engels


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