Dolly Dots

Dolly Dots
Leila (The Queen Of Sheba)

Since the days of old
There's a story told 'bout Leila
Queen of Sheba
She was wise and kind
Let the good in mind
Of those who came to see her

You could hear her dance
She wore golden bells
And cymbals on her fingers
And the night turned bright
with a silver light of a memory
that still lingers

Leila, Leila, Leila
Lei-lei-lei-la, Leila
Was the queen of Sheba

While she ruled the land
she made one demand:
"The rich should help the poor"
In return for that
you got something back
which pleases you much more

She was a famous queen
Living in a dream of mystery and passion
And of things she said you would never get
get the wrong impression

Our story ends but she lives on
Leila the queen of Sheba
When you close your eyes and think of her
You all can be with her

Leila, Leila, Leila, La La La La Leila
Leila, Leila was the queen of Sheeba


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Laatst bijgewerkt door PATRICK op ma 01 dec, 2014 2:20 pm

Auteur: ?
Componist: ?
Uitgever: WEA (Warner)
Uitgegeven in: 1981
Taal: Engels


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