shoot me dead

Can't you hear them coming after me
In the shadows is where I long to be
Take the sidetracks, stay out of the light
My only ally is the dark black night

Should I give up
Should I turn myself in
That starry night along your side
Well, It must have been a sin

Loaded guns and eyes that shoot to kill
If they find me out they surely will
Dance around my body lying still
They will have their way

I can't get out of this
Won't die for my kiss
You are all I'd ever miss
My love is stronger than justice is

So I'll take up my arms
Lay here quiet and still
And when I spot them set it off
I will

I will defend my right
You know I will not die tonight for a love that I should have had
And if we were to come eye to eye
I will not let them pass me by
I will shoot 'em dead

(c) 2002/2003 Yukka


Toegevoegd door tauzefien op za 29 maart, 2003 1:00 am

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Taal: Engels
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