Darling Nikkie

Darling Nikkie
lovers in the city

The city streets all wrapped up in passion
There is music in the air tonight
Melodies of sin, whispers of seduction
Lovers' hearts surrendering

Lovers in the city tonight
Underneath the stars, they're a shining bright
Kissing by the moonlight
Oh love is in the air tonight

Cool summerbreeze - hot summernight
Pearls of sweat - shivers of delight
Olives in their dr i nks - sexy little skirts
Bodies swaying.....

Sex evolves from skins when fingers do their touching
Sighs escape from lips at the touch of fingertips
Cupid passes by - bellies fill with butterflies
Hearts begin to race and love shows its' face



Toegevoegd door Caesar op wo 12 maart, 2003 1:00 am

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