Bob Seger

Bob Seger
If I Were A Carpenter

If I were a carpenter and you were a lady
Would you marry me anyway?
Would you have, my baby?

If I worked my hands in wood
I wonder, would you still love me?
I say yes, I would, I'll put you above me
That's what I want you to say

And would you save my love from loneliness
Would you save my love from sorrow
If you would
I give you my onlyness, girl and all of my tomorrows

If a tinker were my trade, would you still find me?
Carrying the pots and the pans that I made
Walking along the highway
That long, lonely highway

If I was a carpenter and you were a lady
And I was just a carpenter,
Instead of a rock and roll star
Just a carpenter
A carpenter
A carpenter


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Auteur: Tim Hardin
Componist: ?
Uitgever: ?
Taal: Engels


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