Ritual Carnage

Ritual Carnage
End of an ace

A harden warrior, converges on the fields of fire
He holds his heea high. For victory his only desire
Pursuit of power, his fight 'til death spirit alive
Steel inferno reign, a soldier of the highest caliber

50 tons of steel, forged to kill
Indestructable, iron will

Inferior foes, shall suffer at the hands of the elite
They run for cover, but theirs no escape and theirs no retreat
Allthough outnumbered, he surges into the enemy force
Unmerciless will, engaging as fake takes it's cours

50 tons of might, forget to kill
Invulnerable, undying will

A clash of steel, with violent retribution he strikes
Without a warning, a conquerer who preys by surprise
Unparalled soldier, the final episode of his reign
Steel inferno death, the legayc passed down to this day

Guns of burning might, warriors fate
Steel inferno reign, end of an ace


Toegevoegd door Tina op za 13 sep, 2008 3:27 pm

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Taal: Engels


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