Mark Logan

Mark Logan
My Friend

I'm glad to have a friend like you,
Who always support for the things I do.
In times of odium, disgusting and blues.
You always there to guide me true.

Everyday you always there.
You looks like a blooming flower
That makes me another smile
And give me a brand new day.

Even when you're a thousand miles apart,
My friend sends me a letter of friendship and love.
And gives me a freedom like a flying dove.
I treat my friend as a valuable treasure from above.

Remember a friend reflects your personality.
It also reflects your identity.
It always there for you to lean on.
It also there for you to cry on.

I'll always treasure the moment we shared.
For we have promised to be certified bestfriends.
And even if rain or shine,
Forever you'll be a friend of mine.


Toegevoegd door Tina op vr 12 sep, 2008 9:45 pm

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