Jan Rot

Jan Rot
Stand-by man

I've been watching you for some time, running frankly in and out
my door. I tell you now that you're a bit mistaken for what you
think that you can use me for. Because I'm not your stand-by man,
ready for you whenever you please. Oh, no, I'm not your stand-by
man, ready for you day and night.
The other night you left my home, cursing. Words that I may better
not repeat. And now you're back and want me to caress you baby,
but I will give you none of what you need.
Maybe when I'm old and senile I'll be in for all your plans. But
it gives over two billion women; for at least one I'll be an all-
time man


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Auteur: Jan Rot
Componist: Jan Rot
Uitgever: ?
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Uitgegeven in: 1982
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: For lp fans only (1994), Single (1982)


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