Jan Rot

Jan Rot
In my hometown

In my hometown lived a girl who turned all the bad and evil into
love. She didn't look so up to date, but turned all the rust and
iron into gold. She had something in her way that made everybody
gay, she was a girl, worth more than a thousand others. Oh I don't
know how to put and I don't know what to say but she was fine, so
fine. On her school she was no hero never won a price on sports,
that kind of things. But when she entered any place it was not
only the doorbell she made ring. She didn't read much in the
bible, heaven was no home to her, but she was worth more than a
thousand angels. Oh I don't know how to put it and I don't know
what to say but she was fine, so fine.
But there's the man from lovely fairy tales; takes her on his
white Arabian horse, runs to where the sun goes down - on his head
a little crown - a dot on the horizon waves goodbye.
Well, some gents will understand why I'm telling this and what is
on my mind. I didn't take part in the action, yes, the credit-list
is missing my own sign. Now there's one thing I regret, reading
back what I just said, but you may guess what I'm thinking now...
(I wish that she'd been mine)


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Auteur: Jan Rot
Componist: Jan Rot
Uitgever: ?
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Uitgegeven in: 1982
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Counting Sheep (singles '82 - '88) (1992), Single (1982)


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