Jan Rot

Jan Rot
My 2nd home

My 2nd home is near my first just around the corner. The fitting-
up is totally different, but it is my home. I am no man of very
thirst, but I'm drinking all day long. Temptation's high,
resistance's low for a beer in my own bar. Waiter, here's my
order. Waiter, gimme a beer please. Waiter, make it two. Come on
and join me in my 2nd home, you are welcome in my 2nd home. Come
on and visit me and my 2nd home, you are welcome in my 2nd home.
The local gentry they pop their eyes when I play a game of poker.
Who's gonna beat me, I hung the mirrors, I can look right at their
cards. And all the women they clap their hands when I'm dancing on
the table. I don't dance in disco's, I don't dance in ballrooms,
but I like to dance at home.


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Auteur: Jan Rot
Componist: Jan Rot
Uitgever: ?
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Uitgegeven in: 1982
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: For lp fans only (1994), Single (1982)


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