Talking Heads

Talking Heads
Thank You For Sending Me An Angel

You can walk, you can talk just like me.
You can look, tell me what you see.
You can look, you won't see nothing like me
if you look around the world.

Oh, baby you can walk, you can talk just like me.
With a little practive, you can walk like, talk just like me.
If that's what you wanna do.
Well, you can look, you'll walk in circles around me.
But first, I'll walk in circles 'round you.
But first, I'll walk around the world.

I'm walking 'round the world
I ... you can.
But first, show me what you do


Toegevoegd door OptimusPrime op do 14 aug, 2003 9:44 pm

Auteur: David Byrne
Componist: David Byrne
Uitgever: Sire Records Company


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