Mr Es Beautiful Blues (Bass tab)

Song: Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
Artist: Eels
Album: Daisies of the Galaxy
Tabbed: A Very Bored Chick With A Bass (

I am not a big bass player but I found a different variation of this
bassline of a fit of frustration. It may be totally wrong but it
exercises by fingers to move around. Try it, many say it's an
interesting interpretation. I guess I took a couple of the guitar
notes in it... my ear is shot!


Looks strange! the rhythm is 'bouncy' & 'choppy'. The open strings
on the A stringare mearly fillers they are part of the song but can
be heard. You will see it comes naturally to put it there even if
didn't exist. It's a beat keeper.

Any comments or death threats are welcome just write to Olivia
at the above address. Anyone have tabs for Tracy Chapman 'fast
car' & Edwin 'alive'?


Toegevoegd door OptimusPrime op zo 01 dec, 2002 9:44 am

Auteur: ?
Componist: ?
Uitgever: ?
Taal: Engels


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