Don't Break My Heart

You shoot me down in flames
You put me down a lot
But I'm giving you my heart
Go on take it
Please be careful not to break it
Just remember it's the only one I've got
It's the only one I've got.

Don't break my heart (4x).

You make me laugh a lot
And buy me silly things
And I'd rather be with you, than anyone else
But if you make me mad (2x)
You'll wish that you had not (2×).

Refrein (4x).

Refrein 2:
Where are the roses and whispered sighs
Where are the compliments and dreaming eyes
It doesn't matter you see
I know you love me
Real basic love, never dies.

Refrein (4x).

Refrein 2.

Refrein (4x).


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Frank Potters

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Auteur: UB40, Javid Khan
Componist: Javid Khan, UB40
Uitgever: Spectrum Music (2), Virgin Records Ltd., Fernscan Limited


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