Sitting Still (Guitar chord)

From: Scott A. Yanoff

{note: In this song and many other REM songs, there is an A9 chord.
This chord can be interchanged with Asus2. Here is my favorite A9

(E) -0- its just like playing an A chord using a 5th fret
(B) -0- barre E chord. If you move it to the seventh fret,
(G) -6- it becomes a B11. On the 8th fret, its a Cmaj7. On
(D) -7- the 10th, its a D9add6. On the 3rd fret, its a very
(A) -7- pretty G6 chord. On the second, its a neat sounding F#
(E) -5- sort-of chord. On the first fret, Its a Mexican sounding
F chord. I first came across this position while learning
RUSH songs in high school. On, BTW when I say "On the 8th"
I mean the note on the low(est) E-string is on the "8th".
For this song, its on the 5th of course. Have I been explicit
enough with my positions. We guitarists know lots of them-hehheh?

OH G-- ANOTHER CHORD LESSON (if Buck wasn't so good, I wouldn't have to do this)

A BaddE/F# is an easy chord. It looks like this. Don't play the A-string.
Obviously, you pick this chord -don't strum, It'll sound shitty.

BaddE/F# BaddE (normal)
(E) -0- -0-
(B) -0- -0- To switch between these chords, move
(G) -4- -4- only ONE finger.
(D) -4- -4-
(A) -x- -2-
(E) -2- -x-

{intro: A9 G#m F#m / A9 G#m F#m / }
E BaddE/F# BaddE
> It's name a god we all agree
E BaddE/F# BaddE
> Secret stop stop it well-read
E BaddE/F# BaddE
> We could find it in the sieve
E BaddE/F# BaddE
> We could gather throw a fit
> Up to par and Katie-bar the kitchen door but not me in
> See them try for the big kill wasting time sitting still
{same as before}
> I'm the sun and you can read
> I'm the sun and you're not dead
> We could find it in the sieve
> We could gather throw a fit
{same as intro}
> I can hear you
> You can gather when I talk talk until we're blue
> You could get away from me get away from me
> I can hear you
> Can you hear me?

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