Harry Belafonte

I've been told and I believe
Life is meant for living
Even when my spirit's low
There's still some room for giving
I've been many places
Maybe not as far as you
So I think I'll stay awhile
And see if my dreams come true

There isn't much that I have learned
In all my foolish years
Except that life keeps running in cycles
First there's laughter, then there's tears

But I'll keep my head up high
Although I'm kind a weary
The way the world is going today
It all seems kind a scary
But you know it's almost funny
Things can't get much worse than now
So I'll keep on trying to sing
But please just don't ask me now


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Auteur: Judith Caldwell
Componist: Judith Caldwell
Uitgever: RCA Corporation
Uitgegeven in: 1971
Taal: Engels


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Le texte que vous proposez est incomplet ; il manque le premier paragraphe .
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