Looking In The Future

Lives of great men all remind us
we may make our lives sublime
And so departing leave behind us
Footprints in the sands of time
And with the writing I will show you
Looking in the days beyond recall
As I lecture back with the spirits of the other time

I'm living in the future
I'm looking in the future
I'm living in the future

Not a sound was heard
No call came from the bird
Only the carpet of green
>From towering trees was seen
Where have they all gone?
Why was there no song?

I'm living in the future
Looking at the past


Toegevoegd door OptimusPrime op do 14 aug, 2003 9:44 pm

Auteur: Doctor Technical, Dave Brock
Componist: ?
Uitgever: Cherry Red Records Ltd.
Uitgegeven in: 1982
Taal: Engels


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