Kadu Flyer Incomplete

I want to get high, I want to see
I want to fly, I want to be free
I take the trail from Katmandu
With a different kind of trip in view
Everest is behind the town
Mountain High-bound to get higher
My glider high, the Kadu Flyer
Cygnus of the skies, the prize
And I will rise to win it
Never fly through a cloud
if there's a mountain in it

My route is by the steep ascent
Do battle with the elements
???? ????? ???? freezing winds
Downdraft angels try to drag me down
And straining ailerons the only sound
??????????? the keening wind and dandelions dine (?)
Everest, I'll never rest
I'll see you a mogul when I'm high

Crawl the thermal up a mountain
Like the Pteradacyl's wings
Waves of lift and ???????? vibrations
Hold me to invoke the sun
True me up in soaring fun
Rising like the phoenix
In full flight from the fire
A dragon's wing of string and sticks
Gliding higher and higher and higher


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