Melissa Etheridge
Truth Of The Heart

I hear your questions
I see your face
Your life before you
Is full of grace
What can I tell you
To let you know
Your angel`s eyes
Will watch you grow
Come listen close
And I`ll try to let you know
It`s all I know
There is no magic
There are no secrets
We all begin this race at the start
But I have come this far
With a truth of the heart
Deep down inside
I think we`re all the same
Try not to judge someone
And never shame
I do believe that people are good
They just want hope and respect
And to be understood
Sometimes it hard sometimes it`s strange
But the truth of the heart is people can change
Yes there is danger and there are shadows
And there is fear inside the dark
It has powered countries and borne religion
Fear can never rule the heart
My father`s burden
My mother`s rain
My own desire
My sister`s pain
All souls have traveled along this road
Each one has carried their own heavy load

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Beschikbaar op: Breakdown (1999)
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