The Beautiful South

The Beautiful South
Shouldve Kept My Eyes Shut (Guitar chord)

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Subject: Beautiful South - 'Should've Kept My Eyes Shut'

Should've Kept My Eyes Shut
by Paul Heaton and David Rotheray

D Bm D Bm

D Bm
I should've kept my eyes shut
D Bm
But I had to go and peep
D Bm
But when you saw what I saw
Em A Bm A
Well, it's hard just to roll back to sleep

I would've kept me eyes shut
But I thought I heard you scream
And I've a penchant for violence
You don't seem to find in a dream

The scene a little clearer
My father with a rope
And in the cage, centre-stage
Bm A
It's mother who's destined to choke

Em A
And she choke and we choke
On the words that we wish we'd not spoke
Em A
Just when you felt you had someone to trust
D Db G A
Up comes the man with a dagger and cloak

I should've read the novels
Believed every word
But the stories they wrote
Were so different to ones that I'd heard

I should've kept my eyes shut
My mouth should've closed
But the mixture of vomit and blood
Just crept up through my nose

It became a little clearer
As soon as I awoke
My father stands with rope in hand
A screaming mother kneels in hope

And she hope and we hope
That the words that she said won't provoke
A smile is removed and a petal is crushed
What once was a laugh has turned into a joke

You should've kept your mouth shut

Lyrics (C) 1990 Go! Discs Music Ltd., used without permission.
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