Blink 182

Blink 182
Going Away To College Intro (Guitar tab)

Going Away To College- blink 182
Tabbed by Ben

You guys are doing the intro for this song all wrong. Tom uses a capo
on the second fret when he plays the song, and you use the fourth fret
to finger. If you don't have a capo finger it on the second fret it
doesn't sound as good but it works.

Those are the basic chords in order of when they are played you just
have to figure out the strum pattern and how many times to strum each
chord. I'm guessing that it's about four strums or so per chord but
that's just guessing. When you're playing the chord, finger it like
an "A" regular chord not bar. Put your index finger on the G string,
put your middle finger on the "D" string, and put your ring finger on
the "B" string... That's probably the easiest way to finger than lift
whichever finger you need to accordingly. Now add the rest... the
other tabs look pretty close for the rest of the song it was just the


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