Tina Arena

Tina Arena
The Birds They Put In Cages (Feat. Garou)

I lived my life like a swallow
I arrived here with the springtime
All the little streets I'd follow
All the gypsy songs were mine

Where's my friend who rings the church bells?
Where are you my Quasimodo?
They will hang me as the light swells
You can break these bars I know

Esmeralda, have you left me?
Do you hide yourself away?
I have counted every hour
I have missed you every day

Have you left upon a journey
With your handsome, shining soldier
With no marriage, taking love free
Like the gypsy girl you are?

Have you died out in the small streets
With no prayer to get to Heaven?
There's a priest who counts tour heartbeats
If he comes near, you must run

You remember at the street fair

When they hurt me on the great wheel

When you begged, I gave you water

At your feet I had to kneel

[Quasimodo and Esmeralda]
On that day our friendship started
It will last as long as we live
Once together never parted
All we have to give we'll give

Will the birds they put in cages
Ever ride upon the wind?

[Quasimodo and Esmeralda]
Will the children life outrages
Ever learn to love again?

Uit de musical "Notre Dame de Paris"
Tina Arena - Esmeralda
Garou - Quasimodo


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