Deep Purple

Deep Purple
Smoke On The Water (Piano Tab)

This is the real keyboard version for smoke on the water.Questions or comments are welcomed send me an email to

Here are some instructions for how to read keyboard tabs:

-the numbers (1-7) to the left of the tab, indicates in what octave
(starting at the lowest C) to play the notes in that row. When numbers appear elsewhere in a row, it is to indicate a new octave.
-ordinary letters (cdefgah) symbolices the corresponding notes
-capital letters (C,D,F,G and A) are used instead of c#,d#, f#, g# and a#.
-the symbol ">" is used to cut notes
-the symbol "|" is used to separate each measure (section of beats)
-the symbol "-" indicates nothing
-the bottom row keeps track of the beats, and tells if the notes above are whole, half, quarter or etc. in this tab i did not put this

to play the song you will have to listen to it first to figure out the beat

Keyboard enters at the same time as the base with this:

repeat 2 times

(right hand)coda3|--dg--gA--g---|dg-gA--AC--g--|---dg--gA--g--|---gA---dg----|
(left hand) coda1|-g--g--g--g---|-g--g--g--g---|-g--g--g--g---|-g--g--g--g---|

starts singing (repeat this 2x)

(right hand)3|----g----g-g--|----g----g-g--|---g--g-f--f--|--g-----A-g-f-g-|
(left hand) 0|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------------|

(right hand)3|----g----g-g--|----g----g-g--|---g--g-f--f--|--g----f-f-f-f-|
(left hand) 0|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------------|


(right hand)4|-----c--------|-------A------|to coda
3|-----c--------|-------A------|to coda
(left hand) 2|-----c--------|-------A------|to coda

and it goes like this the whole song. to get it right you will have to practice listening to the song



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