Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
Tears In Heaven Ver 6 (Guitar tab)

check this out: i tabbed the intro to eric clapton's 'tears in heaven'. the rest of the song is
all fingerpicking too, but its easier just to play the chords down below.
remember, this is a >fingerpicking< intro, so ditch the pick. during the intro, strike the bass
line with your thumb, and then using your index and middle finger together, strike the two higher
notes in unison with the bass. the other tab of this song on is amazing, but oddly
it doesn't have the intro!

thats pretty much it. i know i left the other verses and bridge out of the song part at the
bottom, but i figure what you got there is all you really need to know anyways.
knock yerself out!

..::comments and bla bla etc..
tabbed by cliff mccarten

^ ^bar with index finger
play with middle finger


[A] [E] [F#m]
would you know my name

[A][D] [A] [E]
if i saw you in heaven

[A] [E] [F#m]
would it be the same

[A][D] [A] [E]
if i saw you in heaven

[A][E][F#m] [C#7]
i must be strong

[A7] [F#7]
and carry on

[Bm] [Eopen]
cause i know i don't belong

here in heaven

[A] [E] [F#m] [A] [D] [A] [E]

second verse, and when you finish the song, end it off with [E7][A] instead of [A][E]

[A] [E] [F#m] [D] [D]
e|-5- e|-X- e|-2- e|-10- e|-X-
b|-5- b|-9- b|-2- b|-10- b|-7-
G|-6- G|-9- G|-2- G|-11- or G|-7- (the tenth fret barre sounds more like the song,
D|-7- D|-9- D|-4- D|-12- D|-7- but do whatevers easiest for you)
A|-7- A|-7- A|-4- A|-12- A|-5-
E|-5- E|-X- E|-2- E|-10- E|-X-

[C#7] [A7] [F#7] [Bm] [Bm]
e|-9-- e|-5- e|-2- e|-7- e|-2-
b|-9-- b|-5- b|-2- b|-7- b|-3-
G|-10- G|-6- G|-3- G|-7- G|-4- (once again, the higher barre chord sounds more like the
D|-9-- D|-5- D|-2- D|-9- or D|-4- song, but do whatever)
A|-11- A|-7- A|-4- A|-9- A|-2-
E|-9-- E|-5- E|-2- E|-7- E|-X-



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