Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
Told You For The Last Time

Well, I`ve told you for the last time,
Told you for the last time.

I`m gonna turn on my love light,
Let it shine one more time,
Let it shine, shine, shine for the last time.

There`s gonna be a big change made, and I`m gonna make it.
This time I`m gonna lay it on the line.
I got a lot to give when you`re woman enough to take it, oh yeah.


I sure want to love you baby, baby if you`d only let me.
You only pick me up just to put me down.
I finally let my mind make a decision, oh yeah.

I`m gonna start my wheels a-spinnin`,
Let `em turn one more time,
Let `em turn, oh yeah, for the last time.

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