Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
The Shape You're In

I took my baby to see a show.
She was telling me she didn`t want to go.
I said, "Come on girl, what`s the matter with you?"
But I could tell by the smell that she`d had a few.

I said hold on girl don`t get too tight,
You started early and we`ve got all night.
You`ve got to take it easy, take it slow.
We don`t want the whole world to know
About the shape you`re in.

Well, my little girl really loves that wine.
Wine will do it to her most everytime.
If it`s red or it`s white or it`s in between,
She can drink more wine than I`ve ever seen.


Now I`m not trying to get heavy with you.
I`ll mind my own business if you want me to.
But I love you girl, I don`t love no one else.
I`m just telling you baby `cause I`ve been there myself.



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