Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
Miss You

Don`t change your mind,
I ain`t got the time to sit and wonder.
I`m doing fine.
If you decide to leave, I won`t go under.

You know I`ve come this far without you;
It won`t be too hard to be alone.
I`ve got choices all around me,
So I won`t be spending too much time at home.

Girl, I`m gonna miss you.
I`m gonna miss you, baby.
I can`t forgive you,
Instead I`m gonna miss you, baby.

No, don`t say a word.
I already heard that you don`t love me.
In your state of mind,
I don`t need to hear your side of the story.

Your friends all said we had a future
And I don`t think I really want to know.
My friends keep telling me to lose you
And how glad they`ll be when you decide to go.


I broke my back to make you happy.
Sometime, somehow, someone`s got to care.
If you think you`re better off without me,
Just remember, it`s a dirty world out there.


I`m gonna miss the ground you walk on,
Gonna miss the air you breathe.
I`m just not quite happy, baby,
`bout your crazy plans to leave.


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Beschikbaar op: Complete Clapton (2007)


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