Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
Layla Acoustic (Guitar chord)

Dm Bb C Dm
Dm Bb C (A) (C)

C#m7 G#7
What will you do when you get lonely?
C#m7 C D E E7
No one waiting by your side.
F#m B7 E B7 A
You've bin runnin, hidin much too long,
F#m B E
You know its just your foolish pride.

A Dm Bb
C Dm
You got me on my knees,
C Dm
Beggin darli please
Dm Bb
C Dm Bb C (A)(C)
Darlin wont you ease my worried mind?

The rest of the song follows the same pattern. you can work the lyrics out cuz I'm gettinbored. These are the correct chords so no cocky bastards.


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