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Crossroads (Guitar tab)

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>ICCEK@ASUACAD.BITNET (Chris Kavanagh) writes:
>>Would anyone happen to know the chords to claptons crossroads.?

A (with a bit of fiddling about dropping the A 3rd string to a G etc)
D7 C
E D7 C
A D7 D7 C
|-----Rpt. 4times-----|-- Pick notes----|

Back to the A pattern then it's just rock 'n roll from there on in, though
use the D7 pattern after the rock 'n roll E

Try using different variations on the chords to make it more interesting.
Such as going from an open E to an E7 plyed as a C7 shape at the fourth fret
but missing out the barre and hitting the top and bottom open strings.
Try the same with the A:- play it as an E shape at the 5th but miss out the
barre (don't hit the open B though). Mess around with it a bit, don't copy it
slavishly These are useful variations to add during the singing parts.
If you switch it to E, A7, B, these variations work pretty well.

Hey! what do I know anyway? I only play this stuff and it sounds ok to me!



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