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Eric Clapton
Circus Left Town (Guitar tab)

From: (Liam McCarthy)
Subject: Re: REPOST: Circus Left Town

In fact I was the one who posted the original version of The Circus Left Town.
I only discovered my mistake when it was noted in the transcription below that
I had mixed up the G#7 and the F#7 chords. I have corrected the mistake in
the attached text. Apologies for the error. Enjoy the song.

>Somebody posted this on one of the guitar newsgroups, I think. I've
>reformatted it a little bit and deleted the header (so much for giving
>credit where credit is due :( ), but this is the important stuff.
> THE CIRCUS LEFT TOWN by Eric Clapton
>(Amaj7 = x06650, Amaj7 [2] = x02120, C#m7 = x46454, Cdim = x3424x
>has G#7 = 464544)
>[Amaj7] Little man with his [B/A] eyes on fire [Cdim]
>And his smile so [C#m7] bright [B7]
>[Amaj7] In his hands are the [B/A] toys you gave [Cdim]
>That fill his heart with de[C#m7]light [B7]
>[Amaj7] In a ring stands a [B/A] circus clown [Cdim]
>Holding up a [C#m7] light [B7]
>[Amaj7] What you see and [B/A] what you hear [Cdim]
>Will last you the rest of your [C#m7] life [B7]
>[Amaj7[2]] It's sad, so sad [B7]
>[Cdim] There aint no easy way [C#m7] round [B7]
>[Amaj7[2]] It's sad, so sad [G#7]
>[Bmin7] All your friends gather [Amaj7] round
>'Cause the [Dmaj7] circus left town [Amaj7]
>Little man with his heart so pure
>And his love so fine
>Stick with me and I'll ride with you
>Till the end of the line
>Hold my hand and I'll walk with you
>Through the darkest night
>When I smile I'll be thinking of you
>And everything will be alright
>The picking technique is 4 bar repeating cycle which for the most part
>concentrates on the middle 4 strings, except when playing G#7. Each
>vertical line represents one bar, each bar has 2 beats which are clearly
>marked by the thumb and middle finger. The index finger only appears on
>half beats.
>Key: t = thumb
> i = index finger
> m = middle finger
> e |----|----|----|----|
> B |--m-|--m-|--m-|--m-|
> G |----|-i--|---i|-i--| Use this configuration for all chords except.
> D |--t-|--t-|--t-|--t-| the G#7 chord.
> A |t---|t---|t---|t---|
> E |----|----|----|----|
> e |----|----|----|----|
> B |--m-|--m-|--m-|--m-|
> G |----|-i--|---i|-i--| Use the configuration for the G#7 chord.
> D |--t-|--t-|--t-|--t-|
> A |----|----|----|----|
> E |t---|t---|t---|t---|
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