The New York trader

To a New York trader I did belong,
She was built for sea, both stout and strong.
Well rigged 'well manned, well fit for sea;
She was bound for New York in Ameriky.

Our captain in his cabin lay.
A voice came to him and thus did say.

Our captain woke in a terrible fright,
It being the first watch of the night,
Aloud for his bo'sun he did call,
And to him related the secret all.

Early next morning a storm did rise,
Which our seamen did much surprise;
The sea was over us, both fore and aft,
Till scarce a man on deck was left.

Then the bo'sun he did declare
That our captain was a murderer.
It so enraged the whole ship's crew
That overboard their captian threw.

When this was done a calm was there,
Our good little ship homeward did steer,
The wind abated and calmed the sea,
And we sailed safe to Ameriky.


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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: De andere kust (2005)


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