David Bowie

David Bowie
Blue Jean

Blue Jean-I just met me a girl named Blue Jean
Blue Jean-she got a camouflaged face and no money
Remember they always let you down when you need `em
Oh, Blue Jean-is heaven any sweeter than Blue Jean
She got a police bike
She got a turned up nose

Sometimes I feel like
(Oh, the whole human race)
Jazzin` for Blue Jean
(Oh, and when my Blue Jean`s blue)
Blue Jean can send me
(Oh, somebody send me)
Somebody send me
(Oh, somebody send me)

One day I`m gonna write a poem in a letter
One day I`m gonna get that faculty together
Remember that everybody has to wait in line
Blue Jean-look out world you know I`ve got mine
She got Latin roots
She got everything


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Auteur: David Bowie
Componist: David Bowie
Uitgever: Jones/Tintoretto Entertainment Co., LLC, EMI Records Ltd.
Uitgegeven in: 2018
Taal: Engels


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