Bee Gees

Bee Gees
Nature Of The Beast

Verse 1
Like a razor
I`ve been livin` on the edge
Am I losing control
I`ve been pushed above
the point of no return
Under pressure I fell

Release 1
My will is bending
Like steel
this talk of danger
is real

It`s not my nature
To be sweet anymore
It`s just the nature
Of the beast at your door
It`s human nature
In the animal world
(It`s human nature)
(It`s human nature)

Verse 2
I am not responsible
For things I can`t explain
You know the night is like a zoo
In the jungle
With your back against the wall
Your love is precious to you

Release 2
The fever burnin` through me
You free the spirit in me



Chorus (repeat 3 times )


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