The Beatles

The Beatles
Dig It (Guitar tab)


Words & Music by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison & Richard Starkey

Album: Let It Be (1970)

Bb F Bb C Bb F


(1)Like a Roll - ing Stone______ Like a Roll-ing Stone___
(3)F.B.I.____ and the C.I._____ A.
(5)B.B. King___ and Do-ris Day
(7)Dig it Dig it Dig it Dig it Dig it Dig it (Fade Out)

Bb C Bb F Bb C


(2)I like a Roll-ing Stone____ Like the
(4)And the B. B.____C.
(6)Matt Bus-by Dig it Dig it Dig it

Strum each chord in each measure as "1 2& 3."
Song is written in 3/4 time.

Submitted by: Michael Hatch
Date: 8/13/01


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