The Beatles

The Beatles
Mother Natures Son (Guitar tab)


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 23:43:55 -0400
From: Laurence Watson

This is the song Mother Natures Son by the Beatles that
appeared on the White Album in 1968. Paul McCartney wrote
and sung the song. It is generally slow and soft.









|| -------2---2--|-----------2--2-|----------4---4-|----------2-2-2-||||
||------- 0---0--|-----------0--0-|----------------|----------0-0-0-||||

LYRICS: Born a poor young country boy-Mother Nature's Son.
All day long I'm sitting singing songs for everyone.

Sit beside a mountain stream-see her waters rise.
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.

Find me in my field of grass-Mother Natures Son.
Swaying daisies sing a lazy song beneath the sun.
Mother Natures Son.

- Stuart Watson

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888 888 888 888 ooooo .88ooo8888.
`88b d88' 888 o `88. .88' .8' `888.
`Y8bood8P' o888ooooood8 `Y8bood8P' o88o o8888o


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