Gary Barlow

I thought
that you would be the one to share my life,
I thought that you would be the one to stand here by my side,
I thought that you would be the lover I`d always dreamed of,
I thought that you would be the one to face and fight any storm,
What a fool I`ve been,
Nothing`s quite the way it seemed,
All I`ve lost is all I had and all I had I never found,
So walk right out of life,
Enjoy your independence and freedom,
How can you still be proud,
When you`ve broken your vow,
Just turn away don`t look back,
The love you promised taught me a lesson,
I know I`ll survive after you have walked out of my life,
I can`t believe behind
your smile there lived a lie,
I can`t believe inside your heart our love had already died,
I can`t believe that I`ve been chasing something I`d never see,
I can`t believe I`ve been the reason for your choice to be free,
How I`ve lost my way,
How overnight feelings change,
`after all this time you tell me you never felt the same way,
Justify giving love
that you never had,
Justify taking love when you never cared,
Though it`s over now, though it`s over now,
Love won`t deceive me again,


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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Twelve Months, Eleven Days (1999)


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