Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow
Nothing Feels The Same

We took
our love and tore it apart,
S hattered each and every corner of our hearts,
We walked away only to find,
The path that we had taken pointed back in time,
With open arms we started again,
Never knowing everyday what lied ahead,
Taking the time, the time to re-discover,
All that brought the two of us together,
So tell me why nothing feels the same,
Nothing feels the same as it did back then,
I`m asking why nothing feels the same,
Why`s it all like a dream you can`t remember,
Like a hope you can`t surrender,
Tell me why nothing feels the same,
We figured what we
had was worth a try,
We`d look for words all day then talk all night,
Face to face, all our questions answered,
Needing then what we always just took for granted,
Now it`s hard to see the days when love was natural,
It`s so hard to see the way we`re both refusing now to ask the question,

It seems impossible
to be trying to solve this puzzle in a day,
This fight has just begun and I`ll be fighting baby fighting to the end,

Until I find the answer why


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Beschikbaar op: Twelve Months, Eleven Days (1999)


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