Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys
Lay Down Beside Me

Something about the way you moved
That caught my eye
I really did have to try it, yes
I can`t deny it
The way your body swayed
As I watched you from behind
That got me so excited
How could I fight it
Baby let me be the one to hold you
To give you the things I know you need
You know that we could wait another life time
And we can never find a love just like this
If you lay down, lay down beside me
You can get all inside me
And I can get all inside you too
If you lay down, lay down beside me
You can wake up beside me, forever
Forever and ever
Forever and ever, baby
Let`s take this chance to get to know each other better
Baby we will discover that we can be more than lovers
I`ll give you waht you need
Just come to me and get it
Baby you won`t regret it
No, no, no baby
Baby move a little closer, yeah
I wanna feel your body next to mine
And before this night is over
You will know what it means
To make love until you scream
Tonight, (tonight) we`ll find
Find just what what we`ve been looking for
Good, good lovin and a whole lot more
So hold on, hold on real tight
Hold me and don`t you let go
Until I tell you to


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