Leaf House

Leaf House
Spanish Hills

you never told that your a kind of a hero you only tell what your a not, your heart is not in rock in metal, until i live, until a breath, until a smile
is the breath of my shadow, like bit is on a new one, i remind is on a death wall, thy i feel is on the sand.
Wizard leaf :
I got wizard leaf, i got we found a hole, you dont, we dont dare, im into deals so clap low, you were doing bad thing from gorgeous sound, without anyone, you were head up, you were, came by there, you zoom a boat jet, you guys are living, you did have fun, you guys are living, we are
stupid bitch im loosing, your father got a museum, im living if im in, if i should.
im a little guy im sorry, your twist from adore
im living without this shout if i go, listen if you without go, if i go.


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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Wood signs we found (2011)


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