Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams
Win Some Lose Some

now you know
that i stood outside your window just a little too long
whatcha gonna do
when the hours pass away and you know that i`m gone
jokin` bout your mother went a little to far
but you caught me - out with the others til the early dawn
there may be a time - if we played it right
i`m six blocks over and you wouldn`t spend the night with me
now and the hours and the minutes just fly away
you win some and you lose some
you gotta get right
or i`ll be saying bye bye bye bye
thinkin bout you
the way you`re holdin` me down i`d be better off dead
now you know
that the time is runnin` out on the things we said
well it may be a week - it may be a day
i`m six blocks over and i don`t know what to say to you
now and the hours and the minutes just fly away


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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Bryan Adams (1980)


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