Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams
The Best Of Me

sometimes words are hard to find
i`m looking for that perfect line
to let you know you`re always on my mind
ya this is love - n` i`ve learned enough to know
i`m never lettin` go
no, no, no - won`t let go

when you want it - when you need it
you`ll always have the best of me
i can`t help it - believe it
you`ll always get the best of me

i may not always know what`s right
but i know i want you here tonight
gonna make this moment last for all your life
oh ya this is love - n` it really means so much
i can tell from every touch
no, no, no - can`t get enough


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Uitgever: ?
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Here I Am (2002), The Best Of Me (1999)
Ook beschikbaar in het: Frans


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