Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams
Only The Strong Survive

When the pressure`s on and you`re all alone
Take a little ride into the danger zone
When the moon is high and the skies are clear
Just show me a sign and we`ll be outa here
Take me up on a wing and a prayer
If you need a friend you know I`ll be there
Hound dogs howlin` all through the night
Eight miles high and I`m doin` alright
Better move over `cause you`re goin` too slow
I feel the need for freedom now it`s time to go
It`s a fine line between pleasure and pain
Let your conscience be your guide `til we meet again
Your time has come - you can stand our you can run
But don`t keep it all inside
`Cause you gotta understand that there ain`t no second chance
No one gets outa here alive
only the strong survive
Tearin` it up goin` down the track
gonna fly so high, I might never come back
If things get tough you can count me in
`Cause if you play the game you gotta play to win
Take me up where only angels can fly
If you need a helpin` hand I won`t pass you by
Take me up on a wing and a prayer
If you need someone you know I`ll be there
Only the strong survive
Well I`m doin` what I can
you gotta understand
Only the strong survive


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